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High quality digital Mastering with special offer for Bullfinch artists and Proton labels.

We have our studio since 2019.

We use high quality digital plugins such as: Fab Filter, Plugin Alliance, Waves, Softube, UAD, Native Instruments, SSL and many more.

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Mixing is the technique of blending all of the individual tracks in a recording to create a version of the song that sounds as good as possible. This is called "the mix”.
The process can be comprised of: Balancing, fine-tuning, equalization (EQ), panning, adding reverb, compression, and other effects to enhance the original recording.


Mastering is the process of turning a song or collection of songs into a final master for manufacturing so that it translates well across systems: CD player, radio, computer, car stereo, phone, etc.
The process involves: Balancing the level and tonal balance (EQ) of songs, controlling the dynamic range - how loud and quiet each section is, for the right musical balance of variety and power
Compressing, EQing, M/S Processing and Limiting

Stem Mastering

Unlike traditional mastering, in which the mastering engineer enhances a stereo file for commercial release, stem mastering combines multiple “stems” or stereo groups of instruments to create a final master.
Not to be confused with mixing, which combines all the individual channels of a project to create a stereo mix, stem mastering sessions typically include anywhere from two to eight stereo stems. Each stem is sort of like a mini-mix of a small group of similar-sounding instruments.

Don’t know what is better works for your mix: Mastering, Stem Mastering or Mixing?

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Since 2012, I have developed a concept and opened a music label for Melodic House & Techno music called Bullfinch, on which I have released more than 300 releases from artists around the world, and therefore gained a lot of invaluable experience in the field of audio production.

My field: mixing, mastering, finalizing the arrangement, replacing samples, and synthesizer parts with better ones. There is experience of working not only with electronic but also with instrumental music.


Conditions & Prices

We have three options with prices.

If you are already Bullfinch artist, and you need some help with mixing or mastering of your track for other labels, or something more, you can use the column “For Bullfinch Artists” and get the cheapest prices.

If you are Proton Label you can set up small part of royalty rate for Mastering engieneer and don't pay real money.

Mastering: 35€
Stem Mastering: 50€
Mixing up to 15 stems: 140€
Mixing up to 20 stems: 180€
Mixing up to 30 stems: 220€
Mixing unlimited stems: 270€
For Bullfinch Artists
Mastering: 25€
Stem Mastering: 35€
Mixing up to 15 stems: 80€
Mixing up to 20 stems: 100€
Mixing up to 30 stems: 120€
Mixing unlimited stems: 150€
For Proton Labels
Mastering: 20% Royalty
Stem Mastering: 30% Royalty
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