Kapshul - Melodic House and Techno producer from Belarus, who manages two music labels - "Bullfinch Records" and "Beetroot", and also has his own mastering studio.

Since 2012, I have developed a concept and opened a music label for Melodic House & Techno music called Bullfinch, on which I have released more than 300 releases from artists around the world, and therefore gained a lot of invaluable experience in the field of audio production. I am engaged in the full promotion of the artist, from finalizing the idea of ​​the track and creating a remix of it, to mixing and mastering, developing the concept of the cover and promoting.

In 2019, I built a studio thanks to which it became possible to engage professionally in the field of audio production, to which I decided to devote most of my time.

At this time, I provide services for mixing, mastering, finalizing the arrangement, replacing samples, and synthesizer parts with better ones. There is experience of working not only with electronic but also with instrumental music.

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