Bullfinch music label is a small part of melodic music in the music market. We started our activities in support of melodic techno and actively continue to develop in this area. Techno melodic and house music - combines only everything you need, this amazing combination of groove and melodies due to which melodic techno is not only listening music but also an integral part of the dance floor and club life. On our label many popular artists of melodic techno scenes and progressive house music are released, such as: Basti Grub, Raushchaus, Pat Siaz, Highjacks, Marten Sundberg, Hidden Empire, PHCK.

We are proud of our artists and are very grateful to them, because we have chosen a single direction vector in music, and we have common interests.

As well as our residents, who constantly replenish our catalogs with fresh and high-quality material, and these are: Javier Ho, Unicod, hajoso, Arzuk, Andrei Craivan, Pat Siaz, Highjacks and more.

Bullfinch distribute music to all main stores and streaming services like: Beatport, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, SoundCloud, Yandex and many more

We provide our artists with quality mixing and mastering of tracks that will help reveal a good idea and not get lost in the sea of ​​electronic music, as well as draw actual covers for their albums. Join our team, we are always happy to see you in our family!